Narrative in the Schools Program

Welcome to Narrative! You may know that we’re a publisher of amazing stories, novels, poetry, essays, cartoons, and more. But did you also know that we are a global community of readers and writers? Or that we’re a library open 24-7, without borders or walls? Or that a third of the three hundred writers we publish each year are emerging writers? That’s right: Narrative celebrates the best of writing: well-known and newly discovered.

Stories connect us to the past, center us in our busy present, and prepare us for the mysteries of the future. A central part of our mission at Narrative is to discover, mentor, and publish the next generation of talented writers and mighty readers.

Through our Narrative in the Schools program, we’re working with teachers worldwide to help young authors develop their voices, indeed, to think of themselves as writers. Watch the short video above to hear more, from students, teachers, and Narrative staff, about Narrative in the Schools and our “Tell Me a Story” High School Contest, which provides young writers with a rare opportunity to be mentored, edited, and published. Each year, contest winners receive $800 in prizes, certificates of recognition, and publication in Narrative, which reaches our global readership of more than 250,000.

Explore our For Teachers and For Students pages for more information. Be sure to visit the video tutorials page, where Narrative cofounder and editor and New York Times–bestselling novelist Carol Edgarian articulates the mechanics of writing with a focus and clarity sure to inspire. And don’t miss the curated reading lists of literature, writing advice, and other creative fodder from the Narrative archive of world-class literature—that’s thousands of stories, poems, essays, and art—all here for you.

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