Fall 2010 Story Contest Winners

Narrative congratulates the winners and finalists.

   FIRST PLACE   ($3,250)
   in the Suburbs

   SECOND PLACE   ($1,500)
   ALEXANDER MAKSIK   The Barbarians

   THIRD PLACE   ($750)
   RUSSELL WORKING   The Vanishing

TEN FINALISTS   ($100 each)

Greg Brown   Shipwrecks
Julie Dearborn   Finding Mercy
Rachel Ewing   Onion Weather
Abby Frucht   Double Girl
Ann Harleman   Meet the Offspring
Marc Kaufman   The Logic of New Cities
Jerry D. Mathes II   Drinking Sangria in the Cold War: 1988
Marsha Rabe   The Conductor
Greta Schuler   Namatai
Lauren Taylor   I Grew Up to the Sound of a Typewriter

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