N30B Contest Winners—2011

Narrative congratulates the winners and finalists.

(All entrants in the Contest were between the ages of eighteen and thirty.)

   FIRST PLACE   ($1,500)
   MADHURI VIJAY   Lorry Raja   

   SECOND PLACE   ($750)
   KIRSTEN CLODFELTER   The Silence Here Owns

   THIRD PLACE   ($300)
   BRIAN TRAPP   Liability


Lindsay Allen   We Are What We Have Lost
Scott Carter   Roads
Ashley Rose Davidson   Sounds That Carry
Simon Han   Star of the River Opera
Kate Kimball   Paint
Delaney Nolan   Salt
Ilana Sichel   Neighborly Favors
Douglas Silver   Sundowning
Joselyn Takacs   Flares of Little Warning
Tim Wirkus   Anatomy

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