Fall 2009 Story Contest Winners

Narrative congratulates the winners and finalists.

   FIRST PLACE   ($3,250)

   SECOND PLACE   ($1,500)
   DAVE BAUSCH   Dim Lighting at the Afterparty

   THIRD PLACE   ($750)
   NATE HAKEN   Leach Pad

TEN FINALISTS   ($100 each)

David Abrams   This Is Not a Christmas Story
Megan Mayhew Bergman   Housewifely Arts
Han-ping Chin and William O’Daly   This Earthly Life: A Historical Novel
Abby Frucht   Quint
William Litton   The Seamster
Jerry Mathes   Birth of the Hippo
Mary Morrissy   Sirens
Evan James Roskos   A Real American Hero
Heather Sellers   Victory Gardens
Olivia Shannon   The Palm of a Loving Hand

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