Author Issue Section Literary Form
180 Sumac Julia Scheeres Fall 2017 Nonfiction Essay
46 Debra Spark Stories of the Week: 2010–2011 Story of the Week Journal
A Brief Handbook of Revision for Writers Tom Jenks Fall 2009 Nonfiction Essay
A Final Conversation Frank Conroy Fall 2004 Interviews Interview
A Fragmented Diary in a Fragmented Time Joyce Carol Oates Fall 2003 Nonfiction Memoir
A Human History in the Wilderness D. J. Lee Winter 2014 Nonfiction Essay
A Journey along the Atlantic Slave Route Saidiya Hartman Winter 2007 Nonfiction Essay
A Matter of Necessity Wendell Berry Stories of the Week: 2011–2012 Story of the Week Essay
A Model Prisoner Michael Wolff Fall 2005 Nonfiction Essay
A Note to Our Readers Carol Edgarian and Tom Jenks Fall 2014 Editors' Note Editors' Note
A Real Writer Bill Barich Spring 2005 Nonfiction Essay
A Short Short Theory Robert Olen Butler Spring 2009 Nonfiction Essay
A Soldier’s Lover N. E. Anderson Fall 2007 Nonfiction Sketches
A Storyteller’s Story Sherwood Anderson Stories of the Week: 2015–2016 Story of the Week Memoir
A Weary Desperado Bill Barich Spring 2016 Nonfiction Memoir
A Writer’s Beginnings Robert Stone Winter 2009 Narrative Outloud Audio Interview
After Saddam Ned Parker Fall 2006 Nonfiction Reportage
Algonquin’s Legendary Editor Shannon Ravenel Spring 2005 Interviews Interview
American Paradoxes Richard Rodriguez Winter 2008 Interviews Interview
An Ideal Author A. A. Milne Stories of the Week: 2015–2016 Story of the Week Essay
As a Girl, I’ve Been Taught Zoe Harris Fall 2015 Narrative “Tell Me A Story” High School Contest Essay
As Evening Falls James Salter Winter 2014 Nonfiction Essay
At Lee Jack Schiff Stories of the Week: 2015–2016 Story of the Week Essay
At Swim, Two Girls Bridget Quinn Spring 2012 Nonfiction Memoir
At the Big Table Lynn Ahrens Fall 2010 Narrative Taste Essay
Bark Antoine de Saint-Exupéry Stories of the Week: 2012–2013 Story of the Week Memoir
Best Advice Various Authors Spring 2011 Features Feature
Best Advice Sarah Lindsay Spring 2010 Features Feature
Best Advice Kim Addonizio Winter 2010 Features Feature
Best Advice Kirstin Valdez Quade Winter 2015 Features Feature