Seattle 2008 - DVD


A Narrative Night Reading

Wall Street Crashed on the day of this event, but the evening was nonetheless bouyant and filled with a spirited sense of fellow travelers joined to support and enjoy good writing. What better antidote to financial worry than the timelessness of good poems and stories—reminders of what matters most.

Narrative Prize winner Michael Dickman read “From the Lives of My Friends” and other of his signal poems, and Narrative Prize and Rona Jaffe Award winner Alma García read the mock-epic opening of her novel in progress. Matthew Dickman gracefully followed with a full-length reading of his Whitmanesque and much-admired “All-American Poem.”

These three young writers were published in Narrative and on hand for this reading well before the world began to take them up. In the recordings here, you can experience them at the outset of their careers.
  • Narrative Library.
  • High quality audio/video production.
  • 4 tracks. Running time: 1:25:44.

Weight: 2.5 oz
Dimensions: 0.75 in × 6.5 in × 6 in