2010 Awards for Our Writers

Congratulations to the following authors
whose works have received notable distinctions:

Adam Atlas’s short story “New Year’s Weekend on the Hand Surgery Ward, Old Pilgrims’ Hospital, Naples, Italy” has been selected for special mention by the O. Henry Prize committee, and will also appear in New Stories from the South: Best of the Year, 2010. The story won Second Place in Narrative’s Winter 2009 Story Contest. Atlas’s first published story, “The Delinquents,” also appeared in Narrative.

Sherwin Bitsui has won a PEN Open Book Award for the poetry in his book Flood Song. Read Bitsui’s prizewinning work here.

Lucia Perillo’s poetry collection Inseminating the Elephant was selected as a 2010 Pulitzer Prize Finalist. A poem from the collection, “First Epistle of Lucia to Her Old Boyfriends,” appeared in Narrative.

Richard Baush and     Heather Brittain Bergstrom have been selected for Best American Short Stories 2010. Bausch’s “Reverend Thornhill’s Wife” and Bergstrom’s “Farm-in-a-Day” were named distinguished and notable stories. “Reverend Thornhill’s Wife” was first published in Narrative’s Winter 2009 issue, and “Farm-in-a-Day” appeared in Winter 2010.

Eugene Cross’s “The Brother” has been named by the Million Writers Award as one of the most notable stories of 2009.

Chris Abani, Matthew Dickman, Jim Harrison, and W. S. Merwin have been selected for the 2009 Best of the Net Anthology. Dickman was named winner, and Abani, Harrison, and Merwin were named finalists.

Shann Ray’s story collection American Masculine has been selected as a 2010 Bakeless Prize recipient. A story from American Masculine,Mrs. Secrest,” appeared in Narrative.

William Kittredge’s “Stone Boat” has been selected to appear in Best of the West, 2010.

Dahlma Llanos Figueroa has been selected to receive a PEN American Bingham Award in honor of her work. Figueroa’s essay “Cuban Portraits” appeared in Narrative’s Fall 2007 issue.