Summer Reading Kit

“WHEN I PRESS SUMMER DUSKS TOGETHER, it is / a month of street accordians and sprinklers,” writes Derek Walcott—a perfect summation of the many ways that summer lights our senses. This year’s Summer Reading Kit is all about spark, with stories and poems that capture the season’s hot, offbeat, off-chance days and nights. We guarantee that Ann Beattie will make you laugh with her musings on the vexations of gardening; Morgan Talty takes the opposite tack, with a story of a tumultuous visit between a father and son. Eudora Welty once described her classic “No Place for You, My Love” as a story about a pair of lovers that is really about a third character, which is all that can possibly happen between two people. Denis Johnson’s tales charts a day in the life of two workers in an ER tripping on acid. Li-Young Lee examines the intricacies of a love triangle. Abigail Thomas brings you on a wild ride of a beach vacation and, finally, Jacqueline Jones LaMon encourages us to hold on to these summer months with all our might. Enjoy!