Top Five Poems: 2009–2010

Humor and heart characterize the five poems selected for special mention from among the many Poems of the Week we loved this past year. These Top Five include Erin Belieu’s sardonic, vulnerable poem about watching a sport she despises; Luisa A. Igloria’s musings on holding close what is ours; Lisa Olstein’s quiet poem in the voice of a lepidopterist; Anne Marie Rooney’s tour de force of wordplay that “hisses like a firehouse”; and Mark Bibbins’s candid condemnation of our forgetfulness. Read individually or all together, these poems perfectly evoke a human desire for poetry not just to recapitulate experience but, in Olstein’s simple phrase, to “be an experience.”

The Poem of the Week series for 2010–2011 starts on November 8. If you would like to send a poem for consideration as a Poem of the Week, please see our Guidelines. Each October the Top Five Poems are selected for special notice.

Congratulations to the winners. Each receives a $200 award.