Top Five Poems: 2012–2013

LOVE INTERESTS AND A GOAT. In the Top Five Poems of the Week from the past year, treasured attachments are explored with wit and humanity: a woman cherishes the simple domestic patterns that frame her life; a possessive love inspires a runaway fantasy; a door-to-door salesman backs away from a woman’s boyfriend, and she suddenly understands how mean the boyfriend is; at a party two men go outside and, gazing up at the stars, reflect on the nature of yearning; and when a goat devours a woman’s beloved Bible, she quips she doesn’t mind losing Leviticus. Grace, humor, and even the ripples of disturbance in these poems offer exquisite pleasure.

The Poem of the Week series for 2013–2014 starts on October 27. If you would like to send a poem for consideration as a Poem of the Week, please see our Guidelines. Each October the top five Poems of the Week are selected for special notice.

Congratulations to the winners. Each receives a $200 award.