Top Five Poems: 2014–2015

“My library is an archive of longings,” wrote Susan Sontag, and the five poems below would find a place on her shelves: a woman’s recklessly chosen tattoo later leads to tender self-discovery; a young couple’s European art tour becomes a souvenir of their estrangement; a lover envies death’s ability to enter a person “fully & without a trace.” Read the Top 5 Poems of the Week in our own (digital) archive of longings, and relive your own moments of yearning and discovery.

The Poem of the Week series for 2015–2016 starts on October 19. If you would like to send a poem for consideration as a Poem of the Week, please see our Guidelines. Each October the top five Poems of the Week are selected for special notice.

Congratulations to the winners. Each receives a $150 award.