Top Five Poems: 2015–2016

“We know what we are, but not what we may be,” Shakespeare famously opined. The five poems featured below take us on eloquent journeys of self-discovery: a descendant of an American Indian tribe wrestles with her right to that identity; after a lifetime in the ring, a boxer surrenders to a more tender version of himself; a grieving woman uncovers some mysterious truths about herself inside a dream she shares with her dog. Read the Top 5 Poems of the Week, and embark on your own voyage of discovery.

The Poem of the Week series for 2016–2017 starts on November 7. If you would like to send a poem for consideration as a Poem of the Week, please see our Guidelines. Each October the top five Poems of the Week are selected for special notice.

Congratulations to the winners. Each receives a $150 award.