Top Five Poems of the Week:

“When you read something beautiful you find coexistence,” wrote poet Mahmoud Darwish. This year’s Top Five Poems of the Week include a shrewd and visceral description of physical alienation; a frank portrait of sadness tempered by the intimacy shared between brothers; a profound revelation as it unfolds for a mother and son driving through the rain-slicked streets; a probing look under the surface of ordinary things to discover a deeper life; and a lovely praise poem to everything an apple harvest has to offer us. Now more than ever we need the gifts that poetry can bestow: empathy, wonder, enlightenment. We know you will enjoy these fine offerings.

The Poem of the Week series for 2021–2022 starts on October 25. If you would like to send a poem for consideration as a Poem of the Week, please see our Guidelines. Each October the top five Poems of the Week are selected for special notice.

Congratulations to the winners.