She’s the Bomb

Ru ok


Srsly? ur crying?

I want to kill myself

Dont say that

I’m saying it

If we had a helicopter or, better yet, a drone, we could hover over Hailey Phegler’s shoulder at this juncture and watch her text, but we don’t, so we won’t. Instead, since fiction allows us to do this, we’ll go directly inside her head and attempt to assess the grinding awfulness of this moment, which has stranded her, in cap and gown, among the 332 prospective graduates of the College of Arts and Sciences at Hibernia College in Hibernia, New York, where the trees are just beginning to unfold their leaves after the long winnowing blast of an upstate winter. She is beyond distraught—she is panicking. Breathing in such short gasps that her thumbs actually tremble over the keypad.

People on couch
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