Grown-Up Land

A Story

by Richard Smith
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I love this story and the title. I really like the writing style and the story itself.

The voice of this story was impressively reminiscent of some of the better crime and international intrigue writers such as Grisham, LeCarre, and DeMille. Although I have no experience with corporate America, you really brought life to the subject. It was also refreshing to read your bio and not see a lot of publishing credits. It gives hope to those of us writing from life experience as opposed to graduate school.

Stories about white collar working life are relatively rare, which is why I stopped to read this story. I enjoyed it but thought it might have benefited from some streamlining. Still, it's a good story.

When I first saw the film O Brother, Where Art Thou?, I thought, "How can anyone who didn't grow up in the rural South really appreciate this movie?" But, of course, a real work of art transcends that barrier and delights even outsiders who haven't lived on junk-strewn farmyards.

"Grown-Up Land" hits that same button: "How can anyone who hasn't spent decades toiling in corporate America understand how close to the bone this story is?" The answer is the same. The writing rises to the level that transcends stumbling blocks. Even academic types can enjoy this awesome story.

"Grown-Up Land" is assured and almost Cheever-esque, without the dystopic world view. Very readable and full of atmosphere, the two ingredients that define a really good American short story.