Amanda Strayhorn,
Reverend’s Wife

or A Tale of Paradise Lost <br>in Once Upon a Time in Texas

by David Lee
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Dave Lee evokes such strong images in his poems that I feel as if I am watching a movie, no, a stage play, sitting just inches away from the characters. Thank you, Dave, for another hilarious, riveting poem!

Dave has always been terrific, and just keeps getting better.

Last evening, here among the high plateaus of Utah, at an event for the Entrada Institute, Torrey, Utah, I heard David Lee read this poem and several others. Reading poems aloud is fine. Some read silently better than they read aloud. Not David's. A passionately self-professed introvert, David is a superb reader and actor. Hearing him read opens more dimensions on the meaning of his work. He is a multi-media wonder.

This is a captivating story-- I couldn't put it down. It's amazing how he managed to pack so much narrative with such rich, vivid characters, into such a short space!

I sent this to my sister with the comment about our late mother. I could hear Ma laughing all the way through.

Just great. Hilarious. Thank you for this.