A Good Woman Blues

by Kwame Dawes
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Beautiful, sad, full of real life and love. Great writing, Mr.Dawes.

I would love to hear Mr. Dawes read this poem with the bluesy work song he cites in the background. He has caught the complexity of feeling etched in the song; he has taken that sorrow of missed love, and even the sympathy of the left woman who has lied on his behalf and made us remember that there is nobility even in the men who have abandoned us.

Achingly true with bursts of light cutting through the cold, wet, lonely mist.

Damn if he don't sound familiar! I recognize the trail he leaves. Slithering through lives on his way to no place in particular. Mr. Dawes you wrote him!

I have read this poem countless times. It is a real beautiful piece of work. I'm back to read it again!