A Story

by Gina Wohlsdorf
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Love your short story, Gina. I think it is beautiful. Your words creates vivid imagery in my mind. However, I am not certain I understand the story. And it is fine because it gives me an excuse to read it one more time; maybe few more times. There are lot of meaningful things in it. It seems to be talking of self-projection, vulnerability, letting go, of how some people try to hold it all together but suddenly feel things are starting to tear apart. Great read. Enjoyed it thoroughly.

Excellent story. It brings us back to the point of the form, which is to center on a single life changing moment. The characters are real and archetypal at the same time — you know this family, you know this type of outsider.

A heartfelt story from a master of the written word.

Interesting to see where we each end up, isn't it? No matter what we chose to cling to or leave behind, we each struggle. Shallow fixes are all most people want to work with, but going with those quickies just intensifies the pandemic of masochistic brutally. Best that a person can do is to take time to learn about herself, love her sore knee and sad heart just as much as that Hawaiian sunset, and be true to herself as the world jeers at her. The gift then is compassion and understanding for all those who are too fearful to chose truth as she dared to. And, in the sweet surprise that follows, this crazy world and the fearful masses somehow become beautiful again, like children at play.

I loved this story. I hated this woman. I know this woman. She is everywhere. So are the girls they will never defeat, never understand, and can never bring themselves to ignore.