Russell Banks Lost and Found
Richard Bausch In the Museum of the Americas
Elizabeth Benedict Paris in the Twenties
David Bradley You Remember the Pin Mill
E. L. Doctorow The Writer in the Family
Simon Han Star of the River Opera
Ron Hansen The Governess
Skip Horack The Cryptozoologist
Nadia Ibrashi A Lebanese Feast
Joyce Carol Oates In the Region of Ice
Karen Peterson Inevitability
Nathan Poole Stretch Out Your Hand
Gabriel Tallent Men Against Violence
Madhuri Vijay Lorry Raja
Spencer Wise Work

David Axelrod
Willa Carroll
Kwame Dawes
Natalie Diaz
Bill Glose
Emma Gorenberg
Jim Harrison
Amaud Jamaul Johnson
David Lee
Jay Nebel
Ladan Osman
Eric Pankey
Diane Seuss
Kary Wayson

Jan Ellison Doing His Laundry for the First Time
Mike Miner Ordinary Time
James Silberstein Foreclosure

Willa Carroll No Apples, No Clover, No Hay, No Grass, No Carrots, No Maize, No Alfalfa, No Linseed, No Deep Bag of Oats
Robert Hedin An Hour Ago
Richard Kenney Vanishing Point
C. D. Wright On Privacy

Lynn Ahrens Carried Away
Bill Barich On Luck
Alethea Black Essay to Be Read at 3 a.m.
Aleksandra Crapanzo Target Fixation
Timothy Ferris Walking in Time
Maria Hummel Sparrow
Bridget Quinn At Swim, Two Girls

Anthony Marra Reading Hrabal
Bohumil Hrabal Closely Watched Trains