Selections from Narrative


Collector’s Item

A rare book, published in fall 2005 in a limited edition solely for our donors, this collection was the first book that Narrative published. The authors and stories were chosen from the first eighteen months of the magazine’s existence and include a remarkable array of talents for a fledging magazine, defining what quality online publishing could be during the days before anyone else clearly understood that digital publishing would be the future.

The red book, as we call it here, was printed for us by a quality offset printer to mark the occasion of our first Narrative Night, which occurred in New York City, at a nightclub in the Bowery. More than five years later, and with 100,000 Narrative readers worldwide, we still have a couple of cases of pristine red books on hand, and we’ve decided to offer them here.

The contents include Lacy Crawford’s in-depth interview with Frank Conroy, which occurred not long before his death and remains a defining piece about the legendary writer and longtime Iowa Writers’ Workshop director.

The red book remains one of our affectionate favorites, for the authors and stories that are in it, for the quality of its “hand,” and for the history it represents in the transition from old-school publishing to the digital era. If you love books and love Narrative, this edition is for you.
  • Exclusive from Narrative Library.
  • Special Limited Edition. 185 pages.
  • Trade paperack.

Weight: 16 oz
Dimensions: 9 in × 6 in × 0.5 in