Women on Men


Chekhov once wrote, “Women deprived of the company of men pine, men deprived of the company of women become stupid.” And lest the world become a sadder, duller place, Liza Donnelly brings clear-eyed comedy to the intersection of the sexes. In the course of creating this lovely book, our staff and editors have read the pages, and each cartoon, many times, and every time the office fills with laughter.

As with the best cartoons, the images themselves are piquant and amusing, and the captions sharpen the humor. When we think of Liza Donnelly, we can’t help but think of Jane Austen’s genial satire. For what do women and men live for, if not to laugh and make sport with each other? Donnelly is one of the great, wise, comedic chroniclers of our age.

Don’t miss the delight she offers in this new book. It makes a great gift, looks marvelous on the coffee table, can be read at random or front to back, and always gives pleasure.

  • Exclusive from Narrative Library, a division of Narrative Press.
  • First Paperback and First Digital Editions. 226 pages.
  • Downloadable eBook formats.
  • Paperback trim size: 8 x 8 inches. (Allow 7 to 10 days for shipping).