The Lady with the Little Dog

Gurov reflected, “it wouldn’t be a bad idea to make her acquaintance.”

The Letters

The letter both pleased and disturbed her. Why did he get in touch?

The Little One Need Not Come

The house of our relationship is a fort. Blanket fort. Tree fort.

The Long-Lost Love Letters of Doc Holliday

The sense of power that flights of temper evoke will betray you.

The Magic Piano

Chocolate promises a happy ending. I believed in that promise.

The Maneater

Here was rot and immemorial night. And death. Death above all.

The Mentally Ill Are Not Alone

“He’s a mad dog on a chain. You don’t stick your fingers in his mouth.”

The Merwin Conservancy

Merwin discovered and restored eighteen acres of abandoned land.

The Murder

He always talked of making money with the air of a connoisseur.

The N

Ron Carlson

The Pizza in New Jersey

He’ll probably try to get her in the sack, just to stay in practice.

The Promised Land

She must know she was a mistake, what they call now a surprise.

The Secret Agent

The Sentimentality of William Tavener

It takes a strong woman to make any sort of success in the West.

The Silence Here Owns Everything

When he kisses me, my heart flutters in my chest like swarming bees.

The Spooning and the Fork

This would not be a wooing meal. I was cooking my man into submission.

The Story of an Hour

There would be no one to live for; she would live for herself.

The Stylist

Her bra is black, her breasts full and white. There is too much flesh.

The Traveler’s Story of a Terribly Strange Bed

We were young and lived wild lives in the delightful city of our sojourn.

Things on Which I’ve Stumbled

Things That Don’t Keep a Lightning Bug Alive

Where my mom was wasn’t never far from the Myrtle Beach Days Inn.

Thinking It Through

His mother wasn’t there to meet him at his stop. She never was.

This Is Not a Christmas Story

There was a shout, then a shot fired. I pressed the shutter again and again.

Three Poems

Let’s walk down to the river, bless the paper boats and turn it all into wine.

Three Poems

My mother is queen of buttons. She shows off the prized ones.

Three Poems

I love it—watching gray light bleed out over the makeshift bed on the floor.

Three Stages of Amazement

Charlie wasn’t Lena’s first love, but he counted on being her last.

Three Stories

I tell my sister what I didn’t tell my father, I love you. Please, don’t die.

To the Dirt Which in Time Will Consume Us All

I love scientists. They’re trying their hardest. And they just want love.

Top Dog

“The kiels take extra time, but then you know your meats. Questions?”