A Story

by Karen E. Bender

Gorgeous story--thank you!

Wonderful story, Karen. I enjoyed every minute of reading it. A great snapshot of uncertainty, yet it flows without chaos. Thank you.

Well-told, Bender. Keep writing!

Wow! This story held me captive. There is nothing so satisfying as a well told tale that captures so much nuance, so much reality. There was one particular line that I will carry with me: "I knew I wasn’t special, that they weren’t either, that we all stood under this raw bright sky bare shouldered, trembling."

Loved this. Ate it up. Swallowed whole. Thank you!

Well done. I could really feel the characters and see their actions and envision each scene you described. I couldn't stop reading your story, and wanted more when it ended.

Thank you so much.

Loved the way you hit all the points--unemployment, friendlessness and not being Jewish enough. Really enjoyed it as someone who has NEVER been Jewish enough :)

Every aspect of the story rang true. Being laid off, having to move--all those adrift feelings came across so well. Spinning the story on the Jewish angle, keeping her same emotional state, true to herself, pitched it raw and dark. The disturbing children and the eerie baby were icing on the cake. Glad that I read it.

Besides enjoying the story, I enjoyed the telling of it. Naturally woven and extremely well crafted.

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