Feeding the Compost Heap

by Alberto Álvaro Ríos
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Interesting subject! Not being a gardener or a real cook myself, I haven't thought much about the leftovers of the meals and snacks, or the refuse of the food I prepare and eat. So I entered this poem with no expectation and exited feeling like I was surrounded by this lovely, breathing, living entity that is dependent on us like a child is, growing like a child does, into its own being. I will now look at compost differently. Thanks for expanding my world in such a wonderful way!

I appreciate the images and implications both as a gardener and a cook, but really fell for the last two lines!

I really liked this poem. I could see it all just as if watching it unfold on video--the daily food garbage making more food and garbage, "starting over." An original telling that I enjoyed immensely. Thanks.

Earthy, alive, and transformative. Thanks.

Completely brilliant, completely beautiful, and completely complete.

To make something new and useful from what already is—-I like the “live” sense of the poem