Educators are our heroes. Everyday they shape the imaginations and lives of the next generation of readers, writers . . . citizens. Narrative for Schools is designed to empower and inspire teachers and students the world over. Recently, we asked several teachers to talk about how they use Narrative in their classroom.

For Teachers

Welcome to Narrative’s global community of educators, readers, and writers! We’re so glad you’re here and hope you feel inspired to explore our ever-expanding, modern library of thousands of stories, poems, essays, and art. We hope the tools and resources we’ve built will support your work to empower a new generation of thinkers, communicators, citizens, and artists. After all, our Narrative for Schools program grew out of requests from teachers like you, who were using the Narrative Library and teaching resources in classrooms all over the world. Today our Narrative for Schools programming reaches more than 100,000 students and teachers in schools worldwide, across twenty-eight countries, forty-one US states, and 298 cities and towns around the globe.

Here’s a sample list of some of the resources we’ve designed for use in and out of the classroom.


Our annual writing contest is open and free to high school students grades 9–12 in the US and abroad. Winners receive more than $1,000 in prizes, mentorship by esteemed Narrative editors and authors, and publication in Narrative alongside the greats. Learn about last year’s Seventh Annual Contest here. Our next High School Contest will open for submissions on January 4, 2023. To learn more about what’s upcoming, look here.


Search the Narrative Library by common classroom themes ranging from “Love” to “Justice & Equality” to “The Writing Life.”


Here you’ll find short video tutorials, featuring bestselling author and Narrative cofounder/editor Carol Edgarian. Each covers an aspect of the writing process—from choosing an idea to crafting a scene to revising and submitting—as well as offering some expert behind-the-scenes advice.


We’ve curated reading lists of fiction, poetry, creative nonfiction, writing advice, and other creative fodder from the Narrative Library, designed to provide a “Best of” hits list across genre and form.

Want more or different stuff? We love hearing from you and learning how best to grow our partnership. Please feel free to fill out this teacher survey and share some thoughts on our programs, or ideas as to where to go next, with us!

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