Narrative High School Writing Contest

Welcome to the High School Writing Contest—an invitation to be discovered and to have your voice shared with the world!

We are currently gearing up for our Ninth Annual High School Contest, which will open for submissions January 3, 2024. Be sure to subscribe to Narrative so that you receive contest updates—including this year’s writing prompt—straight to your inbox!

The judges for our Eighth Annual Contest were New York Times–bestselling author and Narrative cofounder/editor Carol Edgarian, poetry editor Michael Wiegers, and guest judge Naomi Shihab Nye, former Young People’s Poet Laureate.

Our sincere thanks to all the students who sent in their poems and to all the teachers who submitted on their students’ behalf!

Our submissions covered the globe: indeed, we heard from young poets from thirty-six countries, from Canada to Malaysia, Serbia to Israel, South Korea to South Africa, and Pakistan to Palestine. Within the United States, we heard from young poets in forty-nine states—an amazing outpouring of poetry.

Congratulations to all the students and teachers who participated in this year’s contest. Your work and passion inspired and amazed us.

Here’s a short video featuring last year’s winners, along with guest judge Jericho Brown and Narrative editor Carol Edgarian, as they share their thoughts on inspiration and writing.

Winning pieces in the Narrative High School Writing Contest:

The Eighth Annual High School Contest: True or False?

The Seventh Annual High School Contest: Blind Spots

The Sixth Annual High School Contest: Escape

The Fifth Annual High School Contest: The Choice

The Fourth Annual High School Contest: The Mistake

The Third Annual High School Contest: When Everything Changed

The Second Annual High School Contest: Dear America

The First Annual High School Contest: Where I’m Going

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