Four Poems

by Judith Harris
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I love how evocative Judith's images are. I can hear the birds and see the natural scenes with the light dancing on them. And underneath the images, I sense a searching soul that feels to the depths of life. There is a rich melancholy mixed with hope running through all four of these poems.

Beautiful poems with a distinctive voice. I like the distance and closeness of images. I like how the poems suggest and don't try to mean. They get bigger that way.

The thing that always surprises me about Judith Harris's poems is that they seem so delicate, quiet, and careful, and yet before you realize what has happened, you have been brought to an enormous revelation. This is gorgeous new work.

The exquisite use of imagery breaks us open and takes us to that mysterious place that we know exists, but could never describe before. It is amazing how Judith Harris can say in just a few chosen words, painted with a delicate touch, what other poets struggle over for pages.