Letters from a Prisoner

A Story

by Jennifer Duffield White

What a beautiful, poignant, touching story. It is so full of tiny, yet telling, expressive details, such as Claude's regret at not telling his dog a proper goodbye. (I told my dog goodbye properly when he died and it still hurts.) Maureen's pain at the end was heartbreaking. Keep writing Jennifer, I want to read more of your stories.

Excellent story. Delicate and sensitive with amazing insight. I would like to read more by Jennifer White.

A stunning story. Even though I suspected it wouldn't be a happy ending (how could it be?), I was still devastated by Maureen's pain and loneliness. I'd like to read more by this writer.

This story is so sad and beautiful. I cannot wait to read more of Jennifer's stories, and maybe someday a novel.

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