No Final Curtain

by Willa Carroll
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Congratulations, Willa!

Wow, congratulations on your win.

Many thanks!

It's my nature to disagree with most winning poems in contests, but not in this case. This poem burrowed deep into the very marrow of my old and abused bones. The last stanza and the ending are magnificent! Congratulations for the win, but more so for the poem. I really wanted to thank you for it.

I'm so grateful for your words, Val and Danny. I love how both of your responses communicate such embodied and visceral experiences of reading the poem. Thank you again for sharing how the poem moved both of you.

Congratulations, Willa! Great work and a worthy winner for sure!

Dammit, Willa. Once again, your poetry stuns me into a rage of jealous fury. Beautiful, just plain beautiful.

Hey Willa,

Congratulations once again. A wonderful poem and truly worthy of a prize. You are an inspiration. Hugs and meows.

Thank you so much, Munia!

There is no higher compliment possible, Jaime. Jealous rages are the kerosene balm of poetic friendships. Your poems have also stirred the burn in me, my friend. Thanks for the compliments; it means so much to hear from you on here.

Thanks, Fedwa! I appreciate your sharing these compliments and congrats. Sending hugs and meows your way.

Late to the party, but no less appreciative. Such economy of words and such extravagance of the spirit along with lovely imagery are incredible. I, too, usually don't agree with the selections that come to the top in contests. Not this time!

I grew up next door to St. Marks long before it had become a venue for the likes of you. Nostalgia on top of the pleasure of a super poem. Thank you, and may you write many more!

Thank you for your generous comments, Joan. It means so much to hear how you connected to the poem.

And how incredible it must have been to grow up near St. Mark's! It's a most auspicious venue for me. I've been moved by so many artists there, and it's been one of my favorite places to perform. All the best to you, and thanks again for reading and commenting.

Simply enthralling. It meets the cracks of our soul where least expected. It stoned me. Thank you.

Love the true definition of much unspoken to listen to.