We Are What We Have Lost

A Story

by Lindsay Allen
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This is the first story that I have ever read in English. Like Susan, I entered your story slowly. I read it completely in a single stretch. It is something difficult for a non-native English person. Thank you. I really do not know what to say!

Gorgeous and subtly evocative. Nicely nuanced in all the right ways.

Powerful story! I couldn't stop reading. I prefer fiction that deals with real people, real emotions, during crises in real lives, not people sitting around a room having emotions nobody ever heard of. Thank you.

Wow, Lindsay. This is a gripping story. The emotions ring so true. I loved it. The part about the feeling Ella compares her marriage to, when she and her sister sat against the wall until their thighs burned, will stick with me for a long time. Brilliant!

Great story. I was surprised and pleased that Sebastian was so true. Thank you.