Flares of Little Warning

A Story

by Joselyn Takacs
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Short story twist, an interesting conclusion. I thought it was headed elsewhere, someplace even darker than a forest fire started by an irresponsible drunk.

A great story. I was left with three daughters ages seven, six, and four. We had some great times together. They are now fifty-six, fifty-five, and fifty-three, and we still have a great relationship. I am so lucky at seventy-six.

I especially appreciate the different perceptions of the four-year-old versus the nine-year-old. The older girl understands more, including her younger sister's limitations. She also understands her power over her little sister, but not her own anger.

I, too, was afraid it was headed darker. It was a great, natural ending, still with a twist. Goes to prove there is great writing still to come. I look forward to more from this writer.