A Story

by Suzanne Feldman
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Fantastic story. It's so difficult to write about making art.

I do like this story. There's something about the simplicity of it - the frankness, that made it impossible for me to stop reading it. I was thinking, so? So what? And I was fascinated.

I'm so glad you enjoyed it!

I enjoyed the story. The author must be quite knowledgeable about art and painting to write so vividly. Also, about pain of loss and the crazy things one does at that time.

Spare and authentic—just enough to draw the reader into the author's world and make her/him think like one of Lisa's friends. Would she confide in us next morning? If she did, how would we react? Would we guess? Privacy is preserved. Nice!

Thanks again for the very kind comments!

Compelling story that kept me reading, thinking, 'I know she'll be together with him at the end. But why do I know this? And as she paints her bold self-portraits, is she becoming more her own person and less his, or more like the person that she thinks will win him back? And is that even the issue?' Many layers to this not-so-simple story, and I know I will work it through in my mind for some time to come.