I Am the Lion Now

A Story

by Edan Lepucki
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Every word in this story seems perfect to me, and for that reason it is like a poem. You are brilliantly gifted. Thank you.

Fantastic pace and neat corners. Being yanked this way and that was worth the read. Sounds and smells leapt from the page. Well done!

A stunning story with tenderness, power, and witty observations. I like very much Margaret and Toby, lovable and emotionally intelligent. The subtle juxtaposition of the baby in the womb and the baby possum is brilliant. I look forward to Edan Lepucki's novel.

Can't wait to launch this lady!


You have a gift, a way with words. Almost poetic, especially early in the story, before I became engrossed in the story and not just the writing. You have discovered and captured what goes on inside our heads. Your students are very lucky if you can pass this on.

If Neil Gaiman, Kate Chopin, and Lorrie Moore met up for coffee and decided to have a combo, "I Am the Lion Now" would be their lovechild. A feat to be loved and cherished. Edan hits the nail on the head with painful accuracy. Way to go!

Thank you to everyone who read my story and left a comment! I'm blushing!

This is an awesome story. I love it. It draws me in right from the beginning and is rich and well written.

I loved it! It's not often that I'm so quickly involved in a short story.