A Model for the Priesthood

by Tomás Q. Morín
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Very deep. I love the comparison in the lesson.

There is an undefinable essence in Morín's work that I respond to. This response doesn't occur on a soul or gut level, but on what I can only describe as a poetic level. His poems, including "The Family Artist," bring me a deep pleasure. I feel before I understand. It is the hallmark of a true poet to inspire such riches.

"A Model for Priesthood" is both beautiful and, although full of layered meaning, still accessible. Morin's work tends to be complex, yet there is also a simplicity in its rhythm and singular turn of phrase. No matter how hard reality forces its way through the work, there is also a sense of peace inside these lines--as if the reader, while asked to contemplate the ugliness, will be held securely in hands that both know beauty and offer safety.

For me, this poem contains an entire life, replete with sex, food, scent, shit, and death. Its glorious blend of sensuality and spirituality transcends the poet's words. Thank you.