Arthur Arellano

A Story

by Viet Thanh Nguyen
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Wow, what a great story. The ending was so emotionally heart-wrenching. It just seems like there are no winners in this situation, even Louis's life seems extremely precarious.

Nguyen's story was both beautiful and sad. I was drawn into the story from the opening paragraph. The ending was unexpected yet inevitable, a characteristic that is, to me, the measure of a great story. I loved it.

A lovely and poignant story. Arthur should know that gambling is for suckers, but his naivety is perhaps a redeeming feature. Louis and Marten turn out to be counterfeit, like the merchandise in Arthur's garage. One has to believe in something real, as opposed to believing whatever you want. Perhaps that is part of the meaning of the story, a meaning that I am still trying to fully understand. Nguyen's work is subtle, moving and complex, and made me empathize with Arthur and his wife. A wonderful story.