Over Easy


by J. C. Duffy
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"I was chalant." Hilarious!

I absolutely loved this. Crisp and very funny!

Sometimes I do miss my old self.

A cautionary tale, indeed.

So funny. I don't know, the picture looks pretty intense.

What better image of intense than Kirk Douglas!

After I look at that photo of the author, I find that all my spoons are bent. And I'm sweating.

I knew Mr. Duffy. And he was chalant. It's only his picture that is nonchalant. But that's PhotoShop for ya.

"As a child, I had an intense Shetland pony named Satan." So funny.

Intensely funny, but what else should we expect from the Fusco daddy ums!

Thank you for making me laugh aloud in a quiet cubicle.