Best Advice

by Stephen Kuusisto
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I hate to admit this, but I wept when I read this. I am at a vulnerable point in my own writing, and I'm grateful to Stephen Kuusisto for sharing this terrific insight.

I always follow my dog, but sometimes it's hard to explain to my neighbors why I have their cat treed.

Thanks, Stephen, for such a pithy piece. I'm currently following my dog through preparation of a novel in which he plays one of the characters and is my chief critic --- when I read to him aloud, he barks if it isn't funny. Cheers!

Thank you so much. I am so surprised by where my "narrative dog" takes me. We end up in the most surprising places, but every single time I am shocked to discover where I've been led. Follow the dog, indeed.

I wish I'd learn to follow my heart as well as you are learning to follow your dog. Follow my heart, spend time reading works by authors such as you, hold my friend's heart in the best way so as to breathe in the love.

I watched a woman follow her dog as her husband, in turn, followed her. She raised her face. "Tie my shoe," she said. The man knelt, the dog's paw on the toe of her untied shoe. I thought, "Always follow your dog, but sometimes you need someone to tie your shoe." Every day I discover new ways to be blind and new ways to be sighted. Thanks, Stephen.