Reverend Thornhill’s Wife

A Story

by Richard Bausch
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"Away he was all the primary colors. Up close he was beige." I like that a lot. Isn't that what an affair is like; all the primary colors, compared to the beige of of a spouse of many years. I also enjoyed how the author expressed the subtle nature of change the woman experienced. Unbeknownst to her the pleasure increased her pain. Thank you!

I can see that a man of the cloth would be painted as being boring " beige." Colors can evoke an image as words sometimes cannot. Affairs can be fiery red, but for Dianna primary colors seemed to make sense. She was, as many housewives are, bored stiff. Perhaps she too was "beige" in her husbands eyes. I think she would push down the heavy load of guilt, as she looked to see if her lover had emailed her. She would do it again and again until her lover took on that beige hue, or the dissatisfied neighbor got her busted.

Although clearly different in setting and plot arrangement, this tale seems like a modern version of Kate Chopin's classic story "The Storm." I guess the only difference is that, unlike "The Storm" in which the main character's action was being influenced by "the storm," the main character in this story made a very conscious decision.

It was a wonderful read.