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Title Author Issue Section Literary Form
A Childhood Jenny George Winter 2017 iPoems iPoem
A Likely Story: Anniversary Carol Light Spring 2013 iPoems iPoem
After the Imaginary Crime Elizabeth Metzger Spring 2014 iPoems iPoem
An Hour Ago Robert Hedin Fall 2012 iPoems iPoem
Argonaut Matt Salyer Fall 2016 iPoems iPoem
Art Shirley Kaufman Winter 2011 iPoems iPoem
Biker Ted Kooser Spring 2011 iPoems iPoem
Body Alice Miller Spring 2013 iPoems iPoem
Bonsai Marci Calabretta Cancio-Bello Spring 2016 iPoems iPoem
Cosmology for the New Year Michael McGriff Winter 2015 iPoems iPoem
Departing Immerseelestadt David Axelrod Fall 2012 iPoems iPoem
Don’t Come to Me with the Entire Truth Olav H. Hauge Winter 2011 iPoems iPoem
Euthanasia Elizabeth Metzger Fall 2014 iPoems iPoem
Gecko Angela Leighton Fall 2013 iPoems iPoem
How to Disappear Mark Wagenaar Winter 2016 iPoems iPoem
I Shut My Eyes & Doors in Me Fly Open Ben Purkert Fall 2014 iPoems iPoem
I Too Dislike Kary Wayson Spring 2013 iPoems iPoem
In Defense of Ballin’ on a Budget Marcus Wicker Narrative Backstage iPoems iPoem
In New York Kristina Bicher Winter 2017 iPoems iPoem
Intersection Michael Shewmaker Winter 2016 iPoems iPoem
In’din Curse Sherman Alexie Winter 2012 iPoems iPoem
It’s Old to Be Ugly and Fat and Lonely and Uncomfortable Kary Wayson Spring 2013 iPoems iPoem
Love Song Full of Holes Kristina Bicher Fall 2016 iPoems iPoem
Man with Record for Longest Fingernails Grows Too Old to Care for Himself Frank Giampietro Fall 2011 iPoems iPoem
Marriage as Rock Quarry Nicole Cooley Winter 2017 iPoems iPoem
Metaphor for My Daughter’s Birth Frank Giampietro Winter 2012 iPoems iPoem
Metaphor for My Son’s Birth Frank Giampietro Winter 2012 iPoems iPoem
My Grandmother Patrick Phillips Fall 2014 iPoems iPoem
New Year Michael McGriff Winter 2016 iPoems iPoem
No Apples, No Clover, No Hay, No Grass, No Carrots, No Maize, No Alfalfa, No Linseed, No Deep Bag of Oats Willa Carroll Winter 2015 iPoems iPoem