Early Cascade

by Lucia Perillo
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Ms. Perillo's poem is very much in the spirit of William Carlos Williams's poem "This Is Just To Say."

Ms. Perillo's poem is celebratory--it takes guts for a woman to take the first tomato, the whole thing. The sweet reward blends with the loneliness, possibly, of the new, independent women. A woman knows she's truly free when she eats first! Does this go all the way back to Eve? Great poem. Beautiful simplicity with the richness of a garden.

Lucia Perillo always uses the vernacular so artfully. Thanks for running this.

Beautiful, gutsy poem. Lucia Perillo's speaker embraces her loneliness, her true self, like a lover who has been waiting patiently. I love the vivid images--I can practically feel the juice of the tomato running down my chin. This is a poem I'll share with my women's writing group.