A Memoir

by Amin Ahmad
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A wonderful essay from a very talented author. With crisp yet descriptive words, Mr. Ahmad transports the reader to many defining intersections: culture, parenthood, caretaking and wishful thinking.

What a lovely and haunting story about distance between families and how hard it is to overcome. Thank you, Amin Ahmad, for sharing this with us.


What a delightful read! It brings to mind when we first met following NBM docent training. We demand more.

No flab here. Mr. Ahmad's essay is whittled down to the essentials of longing, distance, and what survives. Nicely done.

What a fantastic story. The small, intimate details of Ahmad's relationship with his father sort of reminds me of my relationship with my grandfather. Very well-written, sir.

A great story told with candor and flair.

What a read! Thank you, Amin. I liked the way you take the reader to a different continent and introduce us to two brothers whose lives seem, at first, distant, but who come alive through an everyday matter. I cared about the brothers, the fish, and the son afar who yearned for stories for himself and a new generation, and who learned them in a unexpected way.

Amin Ahmad's writing is haunting, elegant, and heartbreaking. A wonderful story.

This is very fine work. I'm pleased to see it in Narrative. Congratulations, Amin.

Confident, elegaic prose. Amin Ahmad's voice is captivating and compelling. It is extremely refreshing to see something like this published in Narrative Magazine.

This is a very well-written, mature story by Mr. Ahmad. The character of the father and the uncle are realistically drawn. I particularly like the ending of the story.

Randy Meyers made the perfect comment above. This is truly a wonderful story, but it's a memoir. Admirable!

A moving, wonderful story of caring between a father and son and between brothers. I liked the ending. Keep writing.

Wow! I'm a big tropical fish fan but, now, I'm an even bigger "Catfish" fan. Or, should I say that I'm an Amin Ahmad admirer. Simultaneously beautiful, touching, and haunting.


"Catfish" is a very awesome, but sad, story.Very descriptive and very well-written.