Birds of a Lesser Paradise

A Story

by Megan Mayhew Bergman
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Dear Megan, I really enjoyed your story. I worked in West Jefferson for over a year in the late 50s, so I could easily relate to your descriptions. Your writing is very visual and realistic and I think this story could definitely be adapted into a very interesting screenplay and keep the same title. I also found it refreshing that you avoided writing a vivid sex scene, as it would have spoiled the main thrust of the story. Besides, we shouldn't forget that the reader's own imagination is usually better than the written words. I hope to read more of your work in the future. Thanks for this one.

Dear Michael,

Your note is kind, and I'm thrilled to hear that my descriptions struck you as authentic, especially given your West Jefferson connection. Thanks for your feedback, and for reading the story!

With much gratitude,

Great story! I could never live like that, so it was very interesting seeing a whole other world and the people who live in it.

A very enjoyable adventure to have been taken on. The tension was palpable and sweet. Good job.

Ashley and David,

Thank you for sharing your reactions to the story with me, and for reading the piece. It's an awesome feeling to hear back from happy readers. Thank you!

Fantastic! You have the gift!

Dear Megan, I read your story and really enjoyed it. It is a very well crafted work of fiction. Your story is very vivid and realistic. I hope to read more of your works in the future. Many thanks for this fine one.

Dear Christine and Asadollah,

Thank you for the kind words!

With thanks,

Dear Megan,

I love the way you describe the loving relationship between the girl and her father and their love for nature. I think its a wonderful love story, both sensitive and well observed. I printed the story for my friends who will appreciate your story, I'm sure. All the way from The Netherlands, good luck with your writing.


It's so fun to hear from a reader in The Netherlands, and I'm pleased that the story appealed to you, particularly the characters' love of nature--that was important to me. Thank you so much for reading and for your nice comments.

With gratitude,

Your work is what good writing is all about. Congratulations on a magnificent story.

Dear France,

Thanks for making my week! I appreciate your kindness. Thanks for reading!

Dear Megan,

Thank you for a thoroughly engrossing and nuanced story. The setting was wonderfully evoked and the pacing was perfect. It struck me as a mature piece of writing, refreshing in its authenticity and honesty. Very well done.

K W,

What a delightful post to read! Thanks for your kind thoughts.

Megan, your story really transported me to a wild place in your imagination. I live on a green and cultivated island and I love the possibles and the anarchy of the world you write about. The relationships are so warm and vivid. It's a great contrast to the realities around them. I loved the story, thank you. A worthy winner!


So nice of you to let me know you enjoyed the story. Your island sounds beautiful!


Megan, I love your story--so many lovely details. It reminds me of my home on the Suwannee River, where a trip to Walmart or even farther to a Starbucks is a treat. Your writing is beautiful and poignant. I felt connected to your characters and to the landscape. Thanks for sharing.


What kind words! The Suwanee River is a beautiful place--I miss the south. Thanks for your lovely note.



My dad died around the time your story was published. He and I had a "father-daughter romance" like the one you describe. I experienced that shift from being admiring, protected daughter who becomes the protector herself. Your story honors that experience in a lovely, poignant way. Not too much, but just enough. Very nice.