House Affair

An Essay

by Toni Piccinini
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I loved this story. Heartfelt, poignant and very well-written. Please, let us have more of the talented Toni!

This story resonates with me in my old, though much-loved, house. I love the personification of the house because I've always believed that houses absorb the vibrations of their inhabitants, either good or bad. The ending is a happy one for both the house and the storyteller who must move on.

A delightful, well-written metaphor. The maturity of the ending is wise, but difficult to accept. It must be an American ending--full of hope in the midst of the misery of having to "start again."

This story reminds me why, and makes me glad, I have a subscription to Narrative. Thank you.

Reading this story brought back fond memories of my childhood home.