I Was a Barking Dog

by Lillian-Yvonne Bertram
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I like the fancy words: icterid, menstrus. What a unique way to approach womanhood: what we aren't, space we don't have, and how we yearn. Bertram gets right at the truth--humanity is not all that. We so limit our howling, cavernous natures! Yowzers! What a poem. Go, Lillian-Yvonne!

This note is from Lillian's mom. I have always loved Lillian's fancy words, she has gathered them since a long time ago. I always struggled with them until I learned to "read" them. I love her work, it comes from a very vast place. She moves me so in her writing. She is always at a great space in her writing. I am so pleased for her success.

So powerful. This really stuck with me.