by Mermer Blakeslee
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That last line took my breath away. Just today, on Easter Sunday, looking at my long-dead mother's tulips, blooming dogwood trees, azaleas of rose and white, and the birds at her feeders, I felt guilty enjoying the beauty of these things knowing she is straining upward still to lean her nose into them, gently touch their petals, hear the bird song, and claim them for what they truly are. This is a lovely poem and I thank Ms. Blakeslee for it.

A stunningly beautiful poem that says so much using so few words. It evokes an appreciation of the seemingly ordinary and everyday, forcing us to see the beauty in it. I love this poem.

What a perfect melding of the sensual facts and spiritual realities that give joy to life! How I wish I'd written this! Thank you for it.

Reminiscent of the simplicity of William Carlos Williams, yet the poem brings back a lifetime of memories.