Beautiful Daughters

A Story

by Haley Carrollhach
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Haley, your story was so powerful. I loved how you took us on a slow-moving roller coaster and let us plummet right at the end. So much was whispered.

Yes, the whisper comment above is apt. Like Hemingway, it seems Carrolhach simply erased some lines. The spaces are as full of feeling as the words and sentences. Like a well-acted scene in a quiet, intense one-act drama, some things are there and some are in the air surrounding the actors.

This story was like a mystery that revealed itself layer by layer--plausibly and beautifully. I enjoyed it, Haley.

"Beautiful Daughters" made my heart cringe and buckle a bit. It elicits a profound feeling of compassion for all of the characters. Kudos, Haley.

I am so proud of you, Mom. It amazes me that you can create such beautiful, intricate worlds.

"Beautiful Daughters" is well-written with both guts and heart, but oh so sad.

This story was beautifully written and a joy to read. There was no obvious "hook," yet I was pulled into the story because it was so understandable, intricate, and effortlessly real in its unfolding. Thank you for sharing your gift.

Beautifully written, moving, and riveting. Fully realized characters yielded with delicate strokes.

Haley, I love what you did with the ending.