The Pizza in New Jersey

A Story

by Cathy Carr
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"The Pizza in New Jersey" is a brilliant piece. Thank you for writing it.

I'm often unmoved by Stories of the Week, but Cathy Carr has me on my feet. Bravo for a new and authentic voice.

Cathy, this story evoked tears. Thanks.

I really like the way you brought the boys to life and gave them a say in the story. A great short story.

Well-written, Cathy. This story actually reminds me of my mom--who is going through a divorce with my stepfather.

Excellent story, Cathy Carr! Well-written, real, and redeeming. Moms have it hard, but little ones do offer up a reward now and then. Congratulations on a well-deserved win.

Wow. That was such a good passage, Cathy. I want to learn more about these families! I read "On Her Way Somewhere" last night, and it inspired me to comb the Internet for more of your stories. I'm glad I did. I look forward to reading a book by you. Thanks for your excellent writing.

Well I guess I am nearly 5 years late to the party. Hmm . . . sounds like Tony was not great husband material after all. Running off to Japan, I guess, to pursue self-centered momentary pleasures.