A Story

by Kathleen Wheaton
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This is a wonderful story. I love the rhythm of the language; the surprises of the plot; Mila's humor, resilience, and vulnerability; and the Cuban emigré background. I was sorry to leave the characters' company.

Beautifully done. The dialogue is so natural and humorous. George is perfect. When he sees that Mila has lost weight, he's afraid she has cancer and he might have to carry her luggage. Although Mila is still alone in the ocean, she's taking a few steps on her own behalf. She can swim now, and she recognizes that the float toys are--like the wandering husband--just for fun, not intended to save her life.

This was a great story. Poignant and humorous. You captured the Cubans so well. I really enjoyed reading it.

I loved the story. It was like a story inside a story.

I just enjoyed this story so much. Thank you!

An absolutely beautiful story. I could have read on and on. Thank you.

Wonderful. Just wonderful.

Great story. I enjoyed it very much! Thanks!

I enjoyed that. I don't say that often. Thank you.