A Matter of Appeal

A Novel Excerpt

by John Lescroart
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I am a bit hooked on Lescroart's work, though it is in a genre I usually avoid. I suppose I got into it because his novels showed up on the Foreign Language table at the 14th St. Library and I needed something to read in Dutch, and then I got to know the characters. I'll probably read this latest in English once it comes out in paperback.

The juxtaposition of Felicia and Ro's parents' perspective of the rape sets up the novel's conflict well. In the beginning, I thought Felicia was overwhelmed with paranoia, but knowing the Curtlees won't stop until their son is exonerated leads me to believe he will go after her again.

The characters evoked strong emotions while I read. I fear for Felicia, despise Mr. and Mrs. Curtlee, and don't entirely know what to think about Wes. The man likes to keep people at a distance. Intriguing.

Damage is definitely on my list. I want to see if Ro is released and if Felicia survives.