A Story

by R. O. Kwon
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What a true-to-life story. I am especially in admiration of your subtle dagger, the horror of monster-truth as yet unseen, but suspected, in Philip: the clip in his voice when Cassandra talks about her pregnancy test.

Amazing . . . I printed it out and have carried it in my messenger bag for a week now!

I usually don't read many women writers because of their way of telling a story through emotion and the thought process. I like to be able to see the surroundings and envision where the characters are. The physical world around them is important to me but reading your story I had left those details behind and was swept away with Christina's voice. Awesome compelling story! I loved it!

What a beautiful story. Thank you.

Two thumbs up!

An amazing story: sad but beautiful. When I finished it, I felt numb because of the concentrated state in which I had been. The story really keeps the reader suspended in mid-air, even though I do not approve of the protagonist's decisions. I say "decisions," for as I read it, there were many small decisions that provoked the hypnotic state leading to the abortion. Her reading choices gave me a questioning look at her life, although not a judgemental one.

Hi, Reese. Glad to have met you last night. This is a terrific story and has special appeal to me in regard to the idea of being raised Christian but not have it be a thing I wore well, or ultimately wore at all.

Really great job. Something to aspire to.